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Few hunting and gathering societies still exist in the world. Raute, the only living nomadic group in Nepal draws a considerable interest of researchers and scholars alike.  This web page is dedicated to these last nomadic populaces and will act as a forum to understand their culture, community and social practices. Contemporary Vision (CV) is a proud promoter of Raute culture and rights through research, documentaries, demonstrations, lobbying, and discussion programs. We believe that the nomadic way of life, language and culture helps to dig deeper into our past (obviously nomadic life is also the story of our past). Their life style, which is filled with many hardship today, is a vital subject for research, protection and promotion. Our main concern is about their future. It is getting more difficult to maintain their originality and alarming signal of outsiders' threat traces that these populations might be on the way to their extinction.

This page aims to draw your attention on the Raute culture and their issues. We will share available information, videos and photos. We appreciate your interest on these populations and can arrange visits with the member of the tribe, along with accommodation. The nomadic culture deserve to maintain its social, cultural and economic way of life, right to self-determination and the resources needed. We call on all concerned stakeholders to protect Raute culture, their access to forest and water resources so they can live their life in a more lifelike form.


We believe that this page will help build a stronger national and international network for the benefit of the tribal nomadic population of Nepal.

We believe in sharing a strong partnership and the access to collaborative opportunities which will carve a potential niche in order to join hand-to-hand for the cause of these tribal nomadic populaces. We aspire to collaborate in any way which will help foster the knowledge and appreciation of the Raute population and garner support for them and their way of life.


  1. ASSURE THE SURVIVAL of the Raute tribe before their extinction through lobbying, interaction, fund collection, activism and research.
  2. SUPPORT their original way of life by promoting their arts and products, practices
  3. SUPPORT access to natural resources.


Protect and promote the values of the only nomadic culture in Nepal.


Our purpose is to provide information about the Raute people to anyone interested.

We facilitate  research  by sharing our findings and experiences. We also provide local guide and supporting teams for scholars, academicians and students. And, we will help you with a research assistants to collect and manage data for a research plan developed by you. We can also arrange permits, custom clearing, provide professional audiovisual personnel and a complete package of services related to filming. We are really anxious to join in collaboration with national and international teams and individuals to protect and promote the values of culture and essence of this nomadic population. If you have an interest in these tribal people we will be delighted to share our findings and provide any logistical support and management that you might require.



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  • A program

    Meeting with president in a special program

    Feb 15, 2015

  • Education for Rautes

    Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Pellentesque tristique volutpat nunc, id rhoncus augue tristique sed. In at nisln ulla, et vestibulum risus. Fermentum in eros. Nulla sed magna duiet ...

    Aug 9, 2012

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