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"Conservation of Rautes Culture through Livelihood Improvement (With Participatory Video Reporting)" is a collaborative effort between UNDP—GEF, Small Grants Programme and Contemporary Vision (CV) to protect the value of tribal resources and bring significant change in the beneficiaries by encouraging interest towards the tribe from all spheres. Drawing upon the tribal issues, the project was successful to generate output by bringing the subjects of Raute people versus the mind-set of Non-Raute, with emphasis on the contribution of the Raute to our biodiversity. It made people realize how their handicrafts, nomadic life, intimacy with jungle and water resources make-up our cultural identity and enhances the biodiversity. In a nut shell, this project corrected vision of Non-Raute towards the Rautes and their issues became a part of interest in policy circles, academia and international community.




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  • A program

    Meeting with president in a special program

    Feb 15, 2015

  • Education for Rautes

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    Aug 9, 2012

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