Raute have spectacular tradition of carving wooden receptacles. Raute, following a gender based division of labor, consider that the work of wooden carvings, is done only by males. This art therefore is handed down to each consecutive generation from father to son. These wooden pots are artistically carved by hands with simple metallic tools such as axe and Ramo and include containers such as Madhus, Koshi, Musal, Okhal and Jhuma. The way they are carved renders the containers highly durable.

The Rautes prefer to use only a certain species of woods, as not to not create any clash with the villagers. Species of economic significance such as Shorea robosta, Khair, Dalbergia sisoo are not used. Raute only cut common species of trees. Their wooden products have significant value for two reasons: i) it provides them source of subsistence to feed their children. As they have no interest in agriculture, carving wooden products is a singular way of serving their hand to mouth, and ii) Wooden products serve to continue the legacy of Raute culture for being culturally and economically important.

Keeping this fact in mind, we have time and again ventured marketing initiatives to spread the cultural and economic significance of such pots. We help the Raute sell these products believing that the promotion and marketing of the products will help maintain their way of life.

If you are buying these products it means you are supporting and promoting the nomadic resources of Nepal.   You can contact us if you wish to purchase such products. Our plan is to create a welfare fund for this tribe by promoting such products in wider circles.

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    Meeting with president in a special program

    Feb 15, 2015

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    Aug 9, 2012

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