Our purpose is to provide information about the Raute people to anyone interested.

We facilitate  research  by sharing our findings and experiences. We also provide local guide and supporting teams for scholars, academicians and students. And, we will help you with a research assistants to collect and manage data for a research plan developed by you. We can also arrange permits, custom clearing, provide professional audiovisual personnel and a complete package of services related to filming. We are really anxious to join in collaboration with national and international teams and individuals to protect and promote the values of culture and essence of this nomadic population. If you have an interest in these tribal people we will be delighted to share our findings and provide any logistical support and management that you might require.

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  • A program

    Meeting with president in a special program

    Feb 15, 2015

  • Education for Rautes

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    Aug 9, 2012

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